Oil Forecast - May 2015

May 01, 2015

QuantCasting expects crude oil prices to continue to meet less down pressure and volatility, due to forward inflation ticking up...though still at a healthy level. Friendlier interest rate spreads, in their relationship to future commodity prices, are also a factor.

QuantCasting maintains these current ratings for Oil & Gas producers, and refiners. Prices are as of May 12, 2015 market close.

APAApache CorpOil & Gas ProductionHold$63.64
APCAnadarko Petroleum CorpOil & Gas ProductionHold$86.19
CHKChesapeake Energy CorpOil & Gas ProductionSell$15.45
CHRWC.H. Robinson WorldwideOil Refining/MarketingSell$64.99
COGCabot Oil & Gas CorpOil & Gas ProductionHold$35.13
COPConocophillipsIntegrated Oil CompaniesHold$65.40
CVXChevron CorpIntegrated Oil CompaniesHold$107.56
DODiamond Offshore DrillingOil & Gas ProductionSell$33.93
DVNDevon Energy CorpOil & Gas ProductionHold$67.57
EOGEog ResourcesOil & Gas ProductionHold$93.41
EQTEqt CorpOil & Gas ProductionBuy$91.95
ESVEnsco PlcOil & Gas ProductionHold$26.79
EXPDExpeditors International of WashingtonOil Refining/MarketingHold$47.72
HALHalliburtonOilfield Services/EquipmentBuy$47.49
HESHess CorpIntegrated Oil CompaniesHold$71.50
HPHelmerich & PayneOil & Gas ProductionBuy$76.07
KMIKinder MorganOil & Gas ProductionHold$42.70
MROMarathon Oil CorpIntegrated Oil CompaniesHold$28.39
NBLNoble Energy IncOil & Gas ProductionHold$46.00
NFXNewfield Exploration CompanyOil & Gas ProductionBuy$35.95
OKEOneok IncOil & Gas ProductionBuy$43.36
OXYOccidental Petroleum CorpOil & Gas ProductionHold$76.68
PTENPatterson-Uti EnergyOil & Gas ProductionBuy$21.51
PXDPioneer Natural Resources CompanyOil & Gas ProductionBuy$154.54
QEPQep ResourcesOil & Gas ProductionHold$20.71
RIGTransocean IncOil & Gas ProductionSell$20.21
RRCRange Resources CorpOil & Gas ProductionHold$63.81
SESpectra Energy CorpOil & Gas ProductionHold$36.28
SLBSchlumberger N.V.Oilfield Services/EquipmentHold$92.47
SWNSouthwestern Energy CompanyOil & Gas ProductionSell$29.25
TSOTesoro Petroleum CorpIntegrated Oil CompaniesHold$88.17
VLOValero Energy CorpIntegrated Oil CompaniesHold$57.53
XECCimarex Energy CoOil & Gas ProductionHold$117.92
XOMExxon Mobil CorpIntegrated oil CompaniesSell$87.02

QuantCasting forecasts a 70.8% likelihood that oil prices will rise over the next 30 days. The accuracy of QuantCasting's Oil Forecast is depicted below.
QuantCasting Oil Forecast Accuracy

Disclaimer: QuantCasting does attempt to project the future values of commodities, but rather uses commodity forecast assessments as they relate to individual stock projections, in addition to numerous other computations. This information is provided as a service only and does not constitute a recommendation to either buy or sell any security or commodity.